10 Design Tips For Creating Amazing Wedding Invitations

Designing wedding invitations can be scary—which style to choose? Which font to use? Go for pared-back elegance or flashy decadence? Vintage florals or modern minimalism? And above all, how to make it personal and special for the couple in question?

In this article, I’ll give you 10 top tips for designing wedding invitations, using some gorgeous templates as examples. Read on, and get inspired to create your own!

Every invitation design will fall into a style category, or perhaps borrow from a couple of styles. Staying true to a particular style, especially if the couple are having a themed wedding, or love a particular period or genre, can be a great way of giving your invitation project a strong focus.

These are just a few of the design styles that work well for wedding invitations, and the qualities that each style brings to the design…

  • Traditional and Elegant: This style is classic, timeless and appropriate for both formal and informal weddings. You won’t risk offending any older members of the wedding party with this beautiful, tasteful style choice. Achieve the look of a traditional wedding invitation with script fonts, floral borders and dainty colors.
  • Art Deco: Another old-school style, but one that gives off a stronger vintage vibe, which can feel hip and on-trend. An Art Deco invitation stylebrings a lovely, symmetrical quality to your designs, like in the invitation example below, and adds a distinctly glamorous edge with lavish geometric designs and luxe colors, like gold, silver and jet black. You might want to allow for metallic foiling if you go with an Art Deco look.

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